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Jan Sanderson

Holistic Nutritionist

Jan Sanderson

Collingwood Nutrition helps families, one meal at a time! We offer practical solutions for today's nutritional challenges. Common symptoms such as food sensitivities, digestive upsets, fatigue and insomnia can be relieved by proper nutritional care. See Full Profile

Mountain Health Centre, 1 First Street Collingwood, Ontario L9Y 1A1

Linda Crawford

Professional Healthy Lifestyle Coach / Speaker / Gourmet Cook

Lifestyle Changes 2 Health

As a Health Coach, I work with you on weight, stress, gluten intollerance & food allergy goals . As a gourmet cook, I coach you to create healthy food menus, read labels & set up a healthy kitchen/cupboard. Be inspired to create new recipes to enjoy! See Full Profile

9920 Talbert Avenue Fountain Valley, California 92708

Betsy Markle

Realistic Nutrition Programs and Quality Products

Sunshine Wellness

Betsy Markle, Registered Dietitian and founder of Sunshine Wellness, has fine tuned her program by keeping her nutrition approach simple and realistic, her services and products affordable and most of all, maintaining a high level of quality that yields s See Full Profile

245 94th St Stone Harbor, New Jersey 08247

Agnes Green CN

Certified Nutritionist and clinical hypnotist

The Healer Within

Certified Nutritionist, clinical hypnotist. Functional nutrition helps you heal your body-mind-spirit using food as medicine. Individually created food plans. Hypnosis makes changing your habits easy for you. 14 years experience. See Full Profile

8414 SW BARBUR BLVD, Suite 100 Portland, Oregon 97219-4018

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