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Don Whittaker

Chiropractic Physician, Energy Worker

Don Whittaker

30 years experience as a Chiropractic Physician. Certified as an Emotion Code practitioner. Also trained and experienced in natural treatment of allergies and other physical/emotional imbalances, which can be performed in person or by proxy. See Full Profile

1362 E. Center Street Spanish Fork, Utah 84660

Don Whittaker

Doctor of Chiropractic

Don Whittaker. D.C.

Natural chiropractic and energetic techniques to reduce pain, improve health, increase happiness, reduce allergies, and lose weight - can be done remotely or in person See Full Profile

1362 E. Center Street Spanish Fork, Utah 84660

Skylar Bakko

Doctors of Chiropractic

Hogg Chiropractic Center

At Hogg Chiropractic Center, we use traditional spinal corrections along with Professional Applied Kinesiology in the diagnosis and treatment of structural, emotional and chemical/nutritional problems that hinder people from achieving optimal health. See Full Profile

430 W 35th St Davenport, Iowa 52806

Linda Crawford

Professional Healthy Lifestyle Coach / Speaker / Gourmet Cook

Lifestyle Changes 2 Health

As a Health Coach, I work with you on weight, stress, gluten intollerance & food allergy goals . As a gourmet cook, I coach you to create healthy food menus, read labels & set up a healthy kitchen/cupboard. Be inspired to create new recipes to enjoy! See Full Profile

9920 Talbert Avenue Fountain Valley, California 92708

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